Engineering socials give you the chance to meet other engineers from across the years, which tends to be hugely beneficial when it comes to getting opinions on optional modules or project choices and even some cheeky hints and help on coursework and exam revision.

The social side to engineering is going to be even more active and inclusive this year; we have a whole range of events to get everybody involved, including standard Warwick circles, drinking events, non-drinking events, active events such as paintball, and the first ever Warwick Engineering European Tour and Society Ball.

So make sure to sign up and join us on our next social to get a feel for the society and experience the joys of Warwick life outside of lectures, we'll be making sure our members get huge benefits this year, see below for further details.


Academic Events

Academic excellence is more than just achieving good grades and superior performance. It is the maximum development of our capacities and skills. As you all know, the academic side of university life takes high priority.

Getting involved in one of the biggest societies, directly related to your major degree, becomes a means of meeting different students and professionals in your area of study and, as a society, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to support all our members.

Studying at university is very different from school! Over the year, we will be conducting various academic workshops to help conquer your course and also look out for the best advice you will be getting from students who have already been through this amazing ride themselves.

Also! Get help with coursework from postgrads, older students and lecturers in our very own EngCafe sessions. These sessions will also include lot of talks by researchers and academics from the department which should provide an exciting and interesting insight into the all-round aspects of Engineering.


Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming events on our calendar here.


Previous Events

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Christmas Meal
Engineering Society Ball

Technology Conference
Energy Conference
Module help sessions