Circle is a social event for sports clubs and societies that usually occurs before pop or skooldayz. It’s a great way to get to know people and the most enjoyable pre-drinks you will ever experience (you don’t have to drink to enjoy circle- one social secretary will always be sober). Circle consists of lots of singing, games, challenges and great fancy dress themes.

Circle Rules: no touching your hair, no touching your face, no phones, no swearing, left hand drinking only, no crossing your limbs, no pointing, and don't f*** your neighbour!

The games: we will always explain the rules before starting each game so don’t worry if you can’t remember all of these, but to give you an idea these are most of the games we play!

Taking Names with Leighton Baines

A simple game that goes around the circle, if you get it wrong you drink, if you can’t think of anything you’ve got to drink while you think. Examples: eating candy with Ghandi, riding a horse with inspector Morse, getting fisty with Linford Christie etc.

Vegetable Game

Everybody picks a vegetable, we will go round the circle and declare our vegetable then the game starts: you have to say your veggie name followed by another player’s veggie name (but don’t forget you can’t f*** your neighbour!), the catch? You must not show your teeth throughout the game!


You start the game by stating that you ‘propose a game of 20+1 to your (left/right)’ we go round the circle in the direction specified counting up to 21. Two numbers reverses the direction, three numbers skips a person. You can’t double a double, or triple a triple. If you get it wrong you drink two fingers, if you get 21 or get it wrong on 20 you down a pint. Whoever gets 21 is allowed to introduce a rule, and the game begins again. Sounds simple….just wait!


Yeehaa is an action game and the actions are as follows:
Yeehaa: this is how we start the game, you throw your arm with a clenched fist in the direction you want to go (the direction the circle is going if you’re not starting the game), this passes it on to the person next to you.
Hoe Down: you pull your arm down by your side, this reverses the direction of play.
Hay Barn: You make your hands into a room above your head, this skips a person.
Cow girl: you grab your boobs, this reverses play and skips a person.
Lasso: you point at a player and they continue the game.
Do that billy ray: You say do that billy ray whilst pointing at someone, they stand up and say ‘don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart’ and then everybody stands up and sings ‘I just don’t think it’d understand’ and then continue play with an action above.
Chow down: you shout chow down and make food shovelling actions, everyone else must do so also, and then continue play with an action above.

The Witch

Using a cup or prop, first person passes to second and says ‘this is the witch.’
Second: The what?
First: The witch
Second: Oh the witch *passes to third person*
Second: This is the witch
Third: The what?
Second to first: The what
First: The witch
Second to third: The witch
Third: Oh the witch *Passes to the fourth*
And it continues until somebody messes up.

Paranoia and Ignorance

One cup goes left and the person puts amount of drink in, person before flips coin, if wrong the person drinks, and then passes on. Going right around the circle whisper questions to the person on the right and they must shout out there answer (this should usually be the name of somebody else in the circle). If that person whose name was called wants to know the question they have to down half a pint.

F*** Game

Everyone comes up with the f***. You can’t f*** your neighbour. Start with: WHATS THE NAME OF THAT F****** GAME, SAY WHAT THE F*** HERE WE GO NOW. It works like zumizumi where you go "slow F*** WTF F*** HOW ABOUT A quick F***. OR slow f*** slow f*** How about a quick f***" where slow is the name of your f*** and quick the name of your chosen f***

Never Have I Ever

Nice and simple, we go round the circle declaring something we have never ever done, if you have done it you stand up (proudly) and take a drink.

Roman Numerals

Counting up to 21 again except this time we use roman numerals with oh yeah =i, give it to me=v, I’m nearly there=x. Enthusiastic calls will be expected.

Boat Race

A classic race in teams to down your pints first.

Zumi Zumi Action Game

Starts zummi zummi zummi zummi zummi zummi your chosen word (maybe name/animal/colour etc). That person goes namename someoneelsesnamesomeoneelsesname.
E.g Ala Ala, Jess Jess, then Jess Jess Kauser Kauser.

Question/Reaction Game

You ask somebody a yes/no question and they have to answer with a question to somebody else without reacting at all. Any reaction means you have to drink

Most Likely To...

bend your fingers whilst someone says a statement, (most likely too not be an engineer) then everyone points to the person who you think is most likely. Most likely person has to drink.

Tally Ho

Everyone has an action, or a group action. You all chant tally tally tally ho, tally tally tally ho, the first person/group will say tally tally tally YOUR ACTION, tally tally tally someone else’s action and it will continue around the circle. Again, don’t fuck your neighbour!

Categories Games

e.g ‘give me, names of, types of, ‘vegetables’, starting with, to my left ‘broccoli’’ this will continue around the circle until somebody messes up.

Ring Of Fire

Rules will be given on the night.


give everyone a card with a common word or phrase, if somebody says that word/phrase the person with the card can say taboo and the person who said it has to drink

Lies Game

someone says a statement thumbs up or down if you believe them if you get it wrong you drink.

One Frog

going round the circle you say one, frog, jumps, into, the, pond, splash! There will be actions which will be shown on the night. It continues with two two frogs frogs jumps jumps into into the the pond pond splash splash. If it’s easy we will move onto standing in groups.

Fuzzy Duck

fuzzy duck goes in one direction and ducky fuzz goes in the other, changing the words changes directions, if you say anything other than fuzzy duck or ducky fuzz you drink.


start with ‘whats the name of the game?’ slaps, ‘what’re we gunna do’ get fucked up.  You slaps in the chosen direction from 1-21, then Monday-Sunday and finally January-December, at which point the person on December drinks.

Pattern Game

Socials will come up with a pattern involving black or white. For example: you must always say one black, or it must go black white black at the start.


got to count up to 21, you stand and shout your number if two people say one number they have to drink, anybody who hasn’t said a number has to drink as well.


Socials will shout gamble, first person to shout shotgun gets to pick from a group of challenges. Could be good or bad. E.g Nominate x people to be tied together. Long arm pint. Elbow pint. Drink this, etc.

Splat Bang

Socials point at someone and shout splat, that person must duck, the two people either side of the splatted person must shoot each other. Winning shooter stays standing.